Every journey has a start. With our enablement services we ensure our customers have a smooth journey to the cloud. Whether it is building a business case around cloud economics or deciding which workloads are a good match for cloud computing.

Managed Services

The cloud is a new paradigm in how IT capacity is procured and delivered. This also means that the way managed services are delivered needs to be rethought. Our managed services concept is structured around cloud economics to ensure that we enable benefits for our customers, rather than inhibit innovation.

Digital Business

The cloud brings a number of benefits with it, but in the end it is only a platform. True value is created by the services built upon it. We have a proven process to facilitate and build digital solutions on the cloud, specialising in AI, deep learning and neural networks.

Digital Products

Built using the newest technologies with AI embedded, we have a number of digital products including churn analysis, medical image analysis and smart bots.

About VENZO.nxt

We are in the midst of one of the biggest technology revolutions we have ever seen.

Within IT it is the coming of the third platform, and as a modern civilization it is the fourth industrial revolution. Change in IT and technology is nothing new, however.

There is always something new around the corner, always something next. In an age where access to advanced technology is democratized by the cloud and time to market often defines who wins, no one can afford to wait.

Help is needed embracing all of these changes and working within this new paradigm. This is why we founded VENZO.nxt.

We ensure our customers realize benefits when moving to the cloud, when living in the cloud, and when building new digital business initiatives on the cloud. We offer benefits all the way from the infrastructure to the innovation layer.

We are a dynamic and diverse team who all believes that democratization of technology is going to change our world for the better.

We are not about fancy PowerPoints, long complex contracts and month long envision projects. Instead, we believe that the necessity for speed, flexibility and innovation in business should also be reflected in delivery of IT.

We are pragmatic, driven and always focused on concrete outcome.

We are focused on what’s next. VENZO.nxt.


How we do it

There are many ways to achieve benefits from using a modern platform like the cloud. We help you get the right foundation in place.

We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner delivering digital business and operations on hyperscale cloud platforms, specializing in Microsoft Azure.

If you are looking to transform your business into the cloud, we offer migration services, consumption based managed services and continuous financial optimization. Or if you are looking to revamp a part of your business through digital transformation initiatives, we have a proven model to help you innovate in stages.

No matter what, our promise is that we are focused on benefits for our customer, and you always know what's next.

How we do it

We plan, we build and we run – fast! We only hire the best architects, service delivery managers, project managers, sales executives, receptionists, baristas, chefs. We represent the forefront of knowledge within an extremely demanding IT universe and thus only hiring the best of the best to our team. We control all the new methods around and treat both our employees and clients very well. That’s basicly all you need to know. In our office we have written the following on the wall “Customer service is not a department. It’s an attitude”. We think that spells it out.


The next platform

Excellent Trackrate

Many people talk about the cloud often breaking down, but looking at the track rate for the providers, often finds that there is very few breaks downs. If you compare your. If you compare your existing IT solution with this, there will be no big difference.

Second Level Support

By joining Microsoft's Azure service departments, they now provide second level support for their Cloud solutions. This gives you 24/7 support, so if you have problems at night thesupport will take care of it right away instead of having you wait until the next morning.

Cloud’s Immune System

When a Cloud provider have an error or an attack, this error will be processed by all means and will be remembered by the system so it does not happen again. Think of it like a vaccination; you get a little of the disease, and your body remembers how to fight it, if you ever catch it again.



Managed Services

24/7 App & OS Monitoring

Cloud Antivirus

Cloud Backup

a service to read more

Application Monitoring

Cloud OS Monitoring

Cloud Patch Management

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The VENZO.nxt team

As part of the VENZO Group we are more than 60 highly skilled and experienced Microsoft Azure architects and infrastructure consultants. Our local managed services team is part of an efficient
and extremely automated on-shore/off-shore delivery model.

Meet the founders:

Søren Luplau-Pagh


Visionary IT executive bringing excellent leadership and a drive for delivering benefits using modern platform technologies

Christoffer Mc Carthy Mors


Resident evangelist with his head in the clouds and one foot in the future. Firmly believes that most current business models will be challenged by the current technological development

Katrine Wodschow

Head of Services & Operations

Master of the triple constraint – in scope, on time and within budget. Level 10 multitasker with strong communication skills

Niels K. M. Andersen

Head of Data Science

Determined deep learning specialist enthusiastically using data to build intelligent, scalable and customized solutions

Henrik Jørgensen

Head of DevOps

Outstanding infrastructure and platform specialist with more than 15 years of experience delivering first-class solutions as-as-service

Tommy Hejlskov

Head of Cloud Platforms

Devoted IT operations expert with a solid outsourcing background specialized in cloud infrastructure and services based on Microsoft Azure

Anne Krogh Nøhr

Senior Data Scientist

Ambitious man-machine-interface specialist passionate about predictive modelling, AI and how to turn data into insights

Rikke Heerwagen Larsen

Head of Finance

Extraordinary numbers juggler with 23 years of experience in the IT and consulting industry

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