Digital Innovation

We help clients make predictions about the future, improve customer satisfaction, grow revenue and improve profitability

We have a proven methodology to facilitate and build digital solutions based on AI

Digital products

We build unique products in the cross-section of strategy, AI technology and design.

We use techniques from evolutionary algorithms, machine and deep learning, NLP and cloud computing to understand and solve business problems

Cloud enablement

We transform IT infrastructure and application landscapes into cloud based services in support of digitization

We use the newest cloud native methodologies and technology

Cloud operations

We help customers reap the benefits of cloud economics

We provide solid 24/7/365 IT operations and support for multi- and hybrid cloud IaaS and PaaS platforms, so our customers can focus on growth and innovation

Who we are

In VENZO.nxt, we are a dynamic and diverse team who all believes that democratization of technology is going to change our world for the better.

We want to make an impact and we have chosen to specialize in AI and cloud technology. We help clients make predictions about the future, improve customer satisfaction, grow revenue and improve profitability.

We ensure our customers realize benefits when moving to the cloud, when living in the cloud, and when building new AI business initiatives on the cloud.

We are not about fancy PowerPoints, long complex contracts and month long envision projects. Instead, we believe that the necessity for speed, flexibility and innovation in business should also be reflected in delivery of technology services.

We are pragmatic, driven and always focused on concrete outcome.

We are focused on what’s next. VENZO.nxt.


How we work

VENZO.nxt was born in the cloud and with a focus on new technology. We use techniques from neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, data science and cloud computing to understand and solve our customers business problems.

We use modern design thinking, UX design and cutting-edge software development methods to build innovative products.

We manage and support hyperscale public cloud IaaS and PaaS environments using the newest tools and methodologies for optimization, automation, security and governance. We help businesses transform IT infrastructure and application landscapes into cloud-based services deploying our DevOps approach using CI/CD best practices, automation tools and other cloud native products.

Agile enables us to master continuous change. We think agile in everything we do.


AI products and services

We are a boutique AI product development company. We specialize in Applied NLP, AI, traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We operate in the cross-sections of strategy, AI technology and design.

Using data, analytics and design we build products that help our clients reap the benefits of AI technology.

We are a young, diverse team of strategists, data scientists, software engineers, and designers from a range of nationalities.

We take and end-to-end responsibility. We develop robust AI strategies. We stay on board and take responsibility for executing those strategies by building concrete AI solutions. We implement the metrics required to measure performance post implementation. And finally, we offer AI product maintenance, operations and support. AI end-to-end.

We build leading edge AI based products such as:

  • Computer vision
  • Predictive analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud detection
  • Next gen Chatbots

We build technology apps, chatbots and platforms using agile methodology, micro-services and RESTful APIs. We partner with AWS, Azure, and Google cloud and use machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, CNTK and PyTorch.

We use techniques from neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, data science and cloud computing to understand and solve business challenges and reach goals.

We help client make predictions about the future, improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk and improve profitability.
We are inspired by modern design thinking, customer journey mapping, traditional management consulting frameworks and common sense.

We deliver the following AI services:

  • Design thinking workshops
  • AI strategy
  • AI opportunity mapping
  • AI consulting services
  • Custom build products based on AI

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategy and business modelling
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Machine learning and Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Data science
  • UX design


Cloud Services


  • Cloud Strategy
  • Business/ROI analysis
  • Cloud Governance
  • CloudOps Process Implementation


  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud infrastructure build


  • Transformation Strategy & Roadmap
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS transformation
  • App modernization support

Next-generation CloudOps

Our next-generation managed services offering called CloudOps is built from the ground up for modern hyper-scale cloud like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google. It has been designed for multi-cloud management to support our customers' cloud strategy, and through a world class cloud management platform we deliver a strong framework for policy based deployment, automation, smart tooling and optimization services.

We offer a full-service catalogue for 24/7/365 IT operations covering both IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components as well as a hybrid IT setup, and we provide processes that scale up and down for enterprise IT managed by our certified CloudOps experts.

At the centre of our CloudOps concept is cloud economics enabling concrete financial benefits for our customers as well as an incentive to exploit innovation opportunities. All CloudOps services are consumption-based meaning that pricing is based on actual usage of cloud capacity.

When moving to next-generation CloudOps you will experience the key benefits of:

  • Balancing agility and control
  • Hybrid cloud management
  • Continuous cost optimization
  • Cloud economics enabling financial savings
  • Modern dashboards and analytics
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Platform to drive digital transformation

Learn to understand...

Consumption based pricing

Consumption based pricing means paying for CloudOps based on actual usage of cloud capacity. CloudOps fee dynamically grows and shrinks with cloud capacity usage. Cloud optimization has a double effect by both optimising cloud and CloudOps cost.

Policy based deployments

Policy based deployment balances agility with control. Our customers are not restricted in any way by third party provisioning portals, but have the freedom to access all services through the native portal of e.g. Microsoft Azure. We add IT policies on the fly ensuring that any new service is taken care of and made visible in the relevant management dashboards.

Optimization services

Optimization services means that our customers’ infrastructure is optimized for cloud economics. We make recommendations based on actual usage patterns and optimize our customer’s environment across different areas: Instance right sizing, snoozing, subscription optimization, autoscale optimization, storage optimization and security measures.

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The VENZO.nxt team

As part of the VENZO Group we are more than 60 highly skilled and experienced Microsoft Azure architects and infrastructure consultants. Our local managed services team is part of an efficient
and extremely automated on-shore/off-shore delivery model.

Meet the Management Team:

Søren Luplau-Pagh


Visionary IT executive bringing excellent leadership and a drive for delivering benefits using modern platform technologies

Christoffer Mc Carthy Mors


Resident evangelist with his head in the clouds and one foot in the future. Firmly believes that most current business models will be challenged by the current technological development

Katrine Wodschow

Head of Services & Operations

Master of the triple constraint – in scope, on time and within budget. Level 10 multitasker with strong communication skills

Mesim Bajrami

Head of Architecture & Development

Cloud architect and lead developer with deep understanding of building on and using the cloud in an agile manner. Focus on the real cloud transformation to modern services where the value lies.

Niels K. M. Andersen

Head of Data Science

Determined deep learning specialist enthusiastically using data to build intelligent, scalable and customized solutions

Henrik Jørgensen

Head of Cloud Platforms

Outstanding infrastructure and platform specialist with more than 15 years of experience delivering first-class solutions as-as-service

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